Sunday, March 6, 2011


This has been a pretty long week that has left me kind of drained, and I don't have a particular theme for tonight's blog, so like the goldfish that I am, I think I will write about the last thing that I saw. Narwhals!

CID imbedded the short music video of the Narwhal song in a recent post of his as an intermission between the doom and gloom. I think this was a great idea, and the song is also incredibly catchy. At times when I've been trying to think about and discuss serious things I can't help but think "Narwhals, Narwhals, swimming in the oceans, causing a commotion cause they are awesome.." If you haven't been blessed with the Narwhals, you can check them out here.

On the topic of music, I was happy that in a post about me In the Pink picked Cake's The Distance as my song. I remember that song from when I was at university, and I've been known to sing it at karaoke sometimes.

Speaking of going the distance, I have mostly recovered from the marathon last week. Monday was a write-off, I basically lay around and was in pain whenever I moved. Tuesday I felt better, although going up and down stairs was a bit rough. Wednesday I was better again, and I also went for a massage, which helped sort my legs out too. By Friday I was in my current condition, which is probably 80% or 90% recovered.

I haven't been out to run, but I hope to do so in the next day or so. It will probably be okay, I don't seem to have any major lasting pain. It is much better than 2007. And it is even better than after the half-marathon I did in November last year. That has to be a good sign. My body still has a lot of issues, but it does seem to be improving. I'll definitely sign up for next year's marathon, and I am even thinking about doing another one this year.

I hope this finds everyone well. It is now well after midnight, and I think sleep is calling. I hope you all have great weeks.


  1. Well done on completing the marathon. I have great respect for you. I know a couple people that lived in Japan and did it- my friend said it was actually one of the toughest marathons she did. I hope all the aches and pains go away soon. One day I will run the Comrades marathon in South Africa...though I will probably land up walking most of it!.

    I'm pretty sure whoever created the Narwhal song must have a large amount of weed growing in their backyard. Still it is catchy...I can imagine singing this after a night out or to try an entertain Little B (PG of course).

  2. I just want to say good for you for reaching out and blogging about what you're going through. You're certainly not alone, and reading your posts makes me feel like I am not alone either... Keep writing, and I will keep reading. I also just started a blog talking about my depression and BPD, and would love it if you would follow my journey as well...
    Take care...

  3. D.P I hope u have been unharmed by the recent shaker, we r getting mixed reports in SA of the areas that hv been affected. Pls let us know u r okay.

  4. @Stephi,
    Thanks for the marathon congrats. I'm fine, thank you for checking in. I was in a subway station when the quake hit, and everything was shaking. Aftershocks are still continuing now as I write this.

    Social media is a real boon. The phones were down but cell phones in Japan have internet as standard, so I was able to keep in touch with people and find out what was going on that way.

    @Knittin' Girl
    Thanks for coming by and posting, and I'll definitely check our your blog. Yes, there are many people going through the same things as us, and helping each other out is a good way to get through it.